Water Well Construction

We can drill residential wells ranging from 5 inch to 10 inch casings. We can also construct irrigation and commercial wells that produce up to 900 gallons per minute.


Pump Service

Richardville Drilling offers residential, commercial, and ag pump services. We provide service on submersible pumps ranging from 1/2hp - 60hp.


Environmental Drilling and Dual Tube Sampling

The goals of environmental drilling are to investigate, monitor, and sometimes remediate a specific job site. Dual tube sampling uses two sets of probe rods to collect continuous soil cores. One set of rods is driven into the ground as an outer casing. These rods receive the driving force from the hammer and provide a sealed hole from which soil samples may be recovered without the threat of cross contamination. We provide installation of monitoring wells ranging from ¾ inch to 6 inch.


Dewatering Wells

A dewatering system consists of a series of shallow wells, which are installed at a predetermined depth and appropriate spacing around an excavation. We install 5 inch-10 inch wells ranging from 25-600 gallons per minute.


Water Treatment & Filtration

Water treatments & filtration removes particulate matter from water by forcing the water to pass through porous media. We provide water softeners, iron filters, & whole house filters.


Monitoring Wells

For level monitoring of groundwater and water quality analysis, we provide services for 3/4 inch - 6 inch monitoring wells and temporary wells.



A trench is defined as a narrow excavation (in relation to its length) made below the surface of the ground. Richardville Drilling can provide trenching services for 1inch - 6 inch lines, that are 10ft - 2,500ft long.


Hollow Stemmed Augering

Hollow stem augers are commonly used for both geotechnical and environmental soil sampling and groundwater monitoring well installations. Once the bore hole reaches the desired depth, the hollow stem acts as a temporary casing, keeping the sides of the bore hole from caving in. Richardville Drilling provides 3 1/4,4 1/4,6 1/4, and 101/4 Hollow Stemmed Augers.